Normally, I'd be completely opposed to the idea of discussing anything Christmas related before Halloween, but since 2020 has been such a massive train wreck, I'm making an exception, because darn it, Christmas, and the holiday season in general, brings us joy, and we desperately need it right now.

One of the many events that will (hopefully) happen as the holiday season gets closer is the Christmas Market around and along the riverfront in Newburgh. This year's event will give visitors the chance to shop and any and all the great local businesses in the area, as well as food trucks, live entertainment, and an outdoor showing of "the newest Grinch movie," which I'm assuming is the 2018 animated version featuring Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock Holmes, Marvel's Doctor Strange) as the voice of the title character.

Historic Newburgh, Inc., the group organizing the event, is also giving local vendors the opportunity to set up stands outdoors during the event to sell their products as well. So, if you or someone you know makes homemade jewelry, baked goods, or any other type of item, frankly, email Stacey Cobb at, or Tiffany Bonnell at to get an application.

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