It's that time of year, learn some of Newburgh's creepy history during their annual ghost walks. 

Fear Night

This weekend the Historic Newburgh Ghost Walks are happening all weekend long from Friday evening tours all the way through Sunday evening tours. Tickets range from $8-$15 and include a tour full of haunted history. They have a couple different tour options to choose from, including a hay ride tour and State Street tour.

The hayride tour:

Turn of the century tour guides and re-enactors tell history and ghost stories on a hayride through Historic Newburgh’s downtown district. A walk across the historic red bridge (optional) will enlighten and frighten. Bring the family for an evening of intrigue and education.

The State Street Tour:

Be prepared to be amazed by the freightening events that took place long ago on this quaint little street. Who would have ever guessed that such a gruesome past exists in the charming little town of Newburgh, Indiana? On this tour, attendees will hear stories from the Civil War Era, the Great Depression, and the early 1900's. Listen to some of Newburgh's most haunting tales, including the tradgedy at Farmer's Bank, The Exchange Hotel's slave history, and tales of Hulvershorn's Coffin Shop. This tour is great for anyone that likes to be spooked!

You do need tickets to participate in the tours, and it's recommended to get them early.  If you want tickets, you can get them by clicking here.

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