Perhaps you have started to notice the leaves begin to fall in your yard. You might be holding out on the right time to rake them up, but some experts say that you can just skip that chore.

It's that time of year again where the leaves are falling and you'll begin to see less and less of your yard due to all of those leaves on the ground. You know that you'll have to get the rake out and spend ours raking the leaves out of your yard, bagging them up, and disposing of them. It's a chore that really no one wants to deal with. Sure, you can get a leave blower to make the job a little easier, but wouldn't it be nice if you didn't have to mess with those leaves at all?

Well, you can officially cross that chore off of your annual to-do list because experts say that you shouldn't rake your leaves. According to USA Today, these experts say that raking and removing leaves can be worse for your yard AND for the planet.

Why You Shouldn't Rake Up Your Leaves

Leaving most of the leaves in your yard has several benefits to your lawn and the environment. According to USA Today, experts say that if you leave some of your leaves in your yard, it can help fertilize your grass and other plants, provide shelter to animals, and it will also reduce emissions from landfills. Sure, it might not look appealing to have a yard full of leaves, but it's saving you the work of raking them all, your yard could look better as a result in the spring.

When Should You Rake Up Your Leaves

While these experts share the benefits of not raking your leaves in your yard, they also share when it might be a good idea to actually rake them up. According to USA Today, you should consider raking up leaves in your yard when they begin forming a "mat" over your grass

If the leaves on your lawn are forming a mat over your grass, experts agree that you can move them as the weather cools across the country. You especially want to make sure you remove them before it starts to snow because snowfall will facilitate matting in your yard. The experts recommend putting your leaves in garden beds or raking them into a bigger pile somewhere in your yard where they can naturally break down and compost.

(H/T- USA Today)

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