Why don't we have one of these in Kalamazoo?

This article is in no way meant to be an endorsement for this product.  However, the thought of walking up to a vending machine in the middle of the night and walking away with a fresh pizza 3 minutes later has me intrigued.

Colin McConnell of Detroit uploaded a video to TikTok Saturday that got my attention.  In the video, Colin explains that a company based out of Canada, Pizzaforno, installed the United States only 24 hours a day, 7 days a week pizza vending machine in Jackson, Michigan.

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There are currently a total of 36 locations of the Pizzaforno vending machines in North America.  Many of them are in the Toronto area while others can be found around Ottawa and other areas of Canada.  You can find two Jackson, Michigan locations:

  • 1319 East Michigan Avenue
    Jackson, Michigan, 49201
  • Michigan Martini Lounge
    100 S Cooper St
    Jackson, Michigan, 49201

If you're thinking that a pizza vending machine won't have a very wide variety of toppings, you're wrong.  The Pizzaforno menu has everything from BBQ Chicken and Hawaiian to Honey & Goat Cheese and Vegetarian.  Of course, they have the usual suspects like Meat Lovers and Pepperoni.  You can choose to get your pizza hot or cold.  You'll get your pizza pie in less than 3 minutes.  Prices range from $9 to $13.

This idea is a great, safe way to grab pizza during a pandemic.  Let's be honest.  This would have been a great idea way before the pandemic.

Having a pizza vending machine is one way to avoid the bizarre and immature behavior that many customers have exhibited lately in restaurants.  Here are a few of the craziest moments of fast food rage in the Midwest below.

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