We live in an era where porch deliveries are a challenge. Consumers have to try and avoid pirates snatching their boxes, etc. For one Missouri family, the danger didn't come from a thief. It was their beloved family dog who decided to...leave his mark.

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This fun porch moment courtesy of a Ring doorbell camera happened in Faucett, Missouri. The dog's name is Sarge. Sarge is none too happy about the delivery guy on his property dropping boxes he didn't expect, so he lets his feelings be known in the most dog way possible.


I can only imagine how this played itself out. Sure, Sarge's exploits were captured by the doorbell camera while the owners weren't home, but you have to guess that they picked the box up prior to checking the video.

"Hey, why is this box wet?"

Let's look at this as a glass-half-full sort of thing though. At least Sarge is doing his job as a watchdog. Maybe next time he won't decide to provide irrigation also.

He's a good boy though.

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