Southern Indiana has no shortage of golf scrambles this time of year, and no shortage of important nonprofit organizations to benefit from those scrambles. One of Evansville's relatively newer nonprofits, Isaiah 117 House, is hosting a golf scramble in late September, and they are looking for more players and sponsors.

What is Isaiah 117 House?

I have written several articles about Isaiah 117 House, but I realize there are probably still a lot of people that don't know what it's all about - so let me tell you. Isaiah 117 House is a safe, loving place (literally a house) where children are taken while they wait to be placed in foster care. Before Isaiah 117 House, children removed from their homes would be taken to a DCS office building, where they would have to wait hours, or even days, before being placed in a home. Just imagine how scary and confusing that must be. Well, not anymore. Now they have a place to go where they can get a warm meal, get some clean clothes and some new toys - and most importantly, where they can get plenty of love.

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A Serious Growth Spurt!

What started out as just one house in Tennessee back in 2015, has now become 34 homes across six states, with more being added each year. I'm proud to say that the house here in Evansville was the first house opened outside of Tennessee. There are now seven different Isaiah 117 House locations in the Hoosier State.

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Are You Ready to Hit the Links?

The Isaiah 117 House golf scramble is coming up on Monday, September 26, 2022, at Cambridge Golf Course in Evansville. There is still room for foursomes, sponsors, and prize donors. Get more information and get registered HERE.

Other Ways to Help Isaiah 117 House

If you'd like to show support for Isaiah 117 House, but you have no desire to play golf (or maybe you just can't that day), you can always help by donating money, supplies, or even your time.

Meet The Siblings on Indiana's Waiting Children Foster Care List 2022

We often share stories and fundraising opportunities from organizations like Isaiah 117 House Vanderburgh County and Borrowed Hearts Foundation. Both nonprofits work with children and families in foster care. There's a story behind every child in foster care, and these sets of siblings simply want to be adopted together.

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