Unless you or someone you know has been involved in the foster care system, you probably don't realize what the process is really like. I sure didn't know, and it was kind of upsetting to hear what it's like for these kiddos.

Let me try to paint a picture for you. Imagine this...you're a child in a 'less than ideal' living situation (massive understand). You may not even know just how bad things are, that's just life to you. Next thing you know, a total stranger comes to your house and takes you away. This person can't tell you where you're going because they probably don't know, and they probably don't explain exactly what's happening or why. Fast forward a little bit and you find yourself in some government building. You're scared cause you don't know where you are, you're sad because you miss your family, and you probably feel like you did something wrong. And now you wait - maybe a few hours, maybe a few days - while a foster family is located for you.

I could go into more detail, but I think (and hope) that you get the gist. It's a pretty terrifying experience for young people, and it happens everyday, all over the country. The Indiana Department of Child Services (DCS), is asked to be babysitters while trying to find good, loving foster families, and that's just not fair to them. Luckily, there is help, now that an Isaiah 117 house is officially open in Evansville.

Isaiah 117 wants to provide a comforting home where these children can be brought to wait - a place that is safe with friendly and loving volunteers who provide them clean clothes, smiles, toys, and snuggly blankets. This space will allow children to receive the comfort and care they need while DCS staff are able to complete the necessary paperwork and identify a good foster placement.

Isaiah 117 is an amazing organization, driven by people that are passionate about making life a little bit better for some of our most vulnerable young people. Believe me when I say that it has been no small or easy task to get this house ready to go. The amount of support from the Evansville community has been nothing short of a miracle. We should all be proud and excited for the difference the Isaiah 117 house will make in our city.

Just in case my words haven't been enough, just take a look at the video below. The woman you'll see first is Ronda Paulson, the founder of the very first Isaiah 117 house. After that you'll hear from Melissa Mayer, who is the Vanderburgh County program coordinator for Isaiah 117.

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