WGBF's very own 9am host, Glenn Beck, today has announced the launch of his newest money-making venture:  GBTV.

It's an online enterprise, sure to appeal to the well-heeled in his fanbase as there's a cost involved.

When Glenn Beck’s new two-hour daily video program debuts in September, it’ll cost fans $4.95 per month to view the show. The New York Times reports on Beck’s announcement that his Mercury Radio Arts is developing all sorts of programming for the web and Beck says he hopes to have “an array of scripted and unscripted shows” alongside is eponymous program that will officially debut on September 12. Mercury is hoping more people begin to view web content through video game consoles and set-top boxes – the way many people already use their Wii consoles to view Netflix offerings – on their TVs. Beck states, “I think we might be a little early. But I’d rather be ahead of the pack than part of it.” Beck’s Fox News Channel show will officially end on June 30.

We wish Glenn well in his newest venture...just so long as he remembers what side his bread is buttered on and shows up for the radio show every day.

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