You and your dog can celebrate National Dog Day together by enjoying delicious doughnuts.

Now, I know what you might be thinking, doughnuts aren't necessarily safe for dogs to eat. You would be correct. The normal doughnuts that we all love to indulge in are not for doggie consumption, however, this Friday you can treat yourself to some doughnuts and even hook your pup up with some that are made specifically for dogs.

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In honor of National Dog Day, Krispy Kreme will be serving up doggie doughnuts on August 26th. Krispy Kreme's "Doggie Doughnuts" include six doughnut-shaped biscuits, inspired by their doughnuts. What better way to spoil your dog than by hooking them up with some doughnuts so they aren't staring at you hoping you will share when you are eating some?

Krispy Kreme Facebook/Canva
Krispy Kreme Facebook/Canva

The Krispy Kreme doggie doughnuts are not actually made by Krispy Kreme. They are made by a company that specializes in baked pet treats called Huds and Toke. In case you were wondering what exactly is in these doggie doughnuts, they include  Carob (a substitute for chocolate), peanuts, and other dog-friendly ingredients. While they are safe for dogs of all breeds and sizes, Krispy Kreme notes that these treats are intended as snacks and are not formulated to be served as a complete and balanced meal....which could be said about any of their regular menu items.


These doggie doughnuts will be available beginning on Friday, while supplies last. You can learn more about the doggie doughnuts and check out participating locations (which include Evansville) by clicking here.

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