Siting at my desk, on Wednesday (August 12), working at home, I heard thunder outside. It was cloudy outside and getting kind of dark. Soon after, I got an alert Severe Weather alert sent to my phone from Eyewitness news. Later, scrolling through Twitter, I see what looks like a funnel cloud, in Owensboro.

According to the experts, although scary to see, if it touches the ground, it will only cause minor damage.   

I have a had experiences with tornadoes that left me traumatizedCDC
  • Keep fresh batteries and a battery-operated radio and fully charged smartphone to listen to the latest emergency weather information;
  • Have a tornado emergency plan for safe shelter for yourself, your family, and for people with special needs;
  • An emergency kit (including water, non-perishable food, and medication)
  • A list of important information, mainly for insurance purposes.
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