If you have plants you'd like to keep alive, you should either bring them inside or cover them because the National Weather Service in Paducah, KY, has issued a frost advisory for part of our listening area tonight. The first frost usually happens in the tri-state around the end of October but has been reported as early as October 3rd.

In Owensboro and Evansville, the low temperature is supposed to be around 37 degrees - frost occurs at 32 degrees. I'd also encourage you to consider bringing outdoor pets inside because 37 degrees is still very cold for most animals. Also, be sure to make sure your child is dressed appropriately for the bus stop in the morning.

[2:10 PM Sunday October 4]: A Frost Advisory has been expanded southward to include additional parts of the area for tonight. Temperatures of 33 to 37 degrees are likely in the blue shaded area, with localized readings down to 32 possible in southern Illinois.

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