In Illinois, the haunted flea market will be loved by fans of Halloween.

Halloween Has Grown

I am not sure exactly when it happened. My guess is over the last couple of years. Halloween has quickly become a major holiday. In my opinion, it has slid into the number two spot just behind Christmas.

sonya-pix-XnTogGQ1Nyo-unsplash (1)
sonya-pix-XnTogGQ1Nyo-unsplash (1)

It is so much more than just "Trick or Treating" nowadays. We pretty much celebrate the whole month of October. I am a big fan of Halloween, so I love it. There are so many more activities including things for the whole family to do.

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seungju-lee-JKiw-hvksKQ-unsplash (1)

Halloween Event Combines Many Elements

This event combines some really fun activities. It takes your standard Halloween event and holds it during a late-night flea market. Think about all the fun everyone could have.

According to the Haunted Halloween Flea Market Facebook page, 

"Shop in costume! Just like the ALL NIGHT FLEA MARKET - but haunted with ghosts and goblins running around. Decorated with haunted decor - you'll be spooked for sure finding your treasures!"

The Wheaton Haunted Halloween Flea Market is Saturday, October 30th, from 3 pm to midnight at the DuPage County Fairgrounds. Costumes are encouraged. For more info, HERE.

Special Guests Include...

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