Remember last Friday, when we told you the sad news that Flourish Plant-Based Eatery would be closing forever on Friday, October 28, 2022? Well, like a Halloween miracle, a new owner has stepped in to save the day and the veggies.

Previously, Flourish was Set to Close for Finacial Reasons

Flourish Plant-Based Eatery opened on Evansville's West Side a couple of years ago. In July of 2022, Kelsey and Jake Smith became the new owners, but they have encountered increasing food costs and some other issues that came with the business.


Update: This bit of good news was posted on social media Thursday evening:

It’s time I get to make the announcement!!!
Flourish is in the process of being sold to new owners so it’s here to stay!!!!!!
-There will be a brief shut down during the change over.
-New foods will be coming but don’t worry, your favorites will stay!
-We will be staying in the same building.
Don’t worry, everything is working out so the new owners get to come in to a clean slate!
Once the process is over, the new owners will come on here and explain more!
Tomorrow will be our last day as the current owners so I do want to say thank you so much to everyone who has supported us! We will be opened tomorrow 11-3 and then will be shutting down briefly to make some changes!
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222 S Red Bank Rd, Evansville, IN, United States, Indiana
+1 812-602-3202

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