The officers of the Evansville Police Department live by a simple, but important, oath, "Protect and Serve" the residents of the city. Normally, it's the "protect" part of that oath that makes headlines, as it should, but on Thursday, one officer was recognized for the service he provided to one resident who needed a helping hand.

In a post on their Facebook page, the Department shared a story they received from an Evansville woman who was the recipient of Officer Nick Sandullo's act of service and kindness.

According to the post, the woman (whose name was not given) said she was leaving work with her daughter and when they got to their car, realized they didn't have a scraper to remove the snow and ice that had accumulated on the windows over the course of the day. So, she started the car, turned the heat on, and told her daughter they were going to have to sit and wait for a few minutes until the defrost had melted the snow and ice enough that the wipers could clear it.

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Before her car had the chance to do that, she heard a scraping noise on her windshield. After a few swipes, she saw Officer Sandullo's face and uniform, an ice scraper in hand, clearing her windshield for her so she and her daughter could make their way home. The woman went on to say that she realized the kind gesture was, "not a lot," but it's because of the gesture she is able "to feel safe and cared for it in our community." You can read her full story in the post below.

Officer Sandullo's act of kindness and service is a good reminder for all of us that even the smallest gesture that takes little to no time to accomplish can make a lasting impression on those it helps. Great job, Nick, and thank you for all you do to protect and serve the residents of Evansville!

[Source: Evansville Police Department on Facebook]

Coffee with a Cop

Officer Sandullo is just one of many officers who make regular appearances at the Department's monthly Coffee with Cop events. Make plans to stop by one or several of this year's dates to enjoy a little breakfast, and chat with the officers who have dedicated their lives to keeping us safe.

Evansville Police Department
Evansville Police Department

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