If scammers put as much energy into good things as they do trying to scam people out of their hard-earned money, we could have a lot of cool things accomplished.

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woman holding mobile phone with incoming call from unknown caller

Evansville Police Department  Won't Call and Ask for Money

This particular scam that has hit the Evansville area is definitely more targeted than normal scams.  This scam goes as far as getting the name of a real Evansville Police Department Officer and calling unsuspecting victims.  The scammer calls and identifies themself and says the person has outstanding warrants that need to be paid.  They say that the issue can be taken care of with payment over the phone.  EPD will not contact you for payment over the phone.

Unknown number calling in the middle of the night. Phone call from stranger.
Tero Vesalainen

Here's what Evansville Police Department said about the scam on Facebook:

EPD has been made aware of yet ANOTHER approach being used by Scammers to cheat citizens out of money. A caller will claim to be with our department--even use a real officer's name--then advise there is "a warrant for your arrest". You will be further advised the warrant can be taken care of by making payment over the phone...to THEM. Evansville Police Department Personnel--sworn or civilian--will NEVER call you to ask for ANY type of payment--not for a warrant, ticket, etc. Nope. JUST HANG UP! PUH-LEEZ! Do NOT engage with them. Hang up.

And, as a side note; no legitimate entity, no legitimate business, is going to call asking you to buy gift cards to bail your grandkid out of jail, fix your computer, pay a warrant, the IRS, etc--then after purchasing the gift cards, ask you to read those card numbers to them over the phone. The calls are from SCAMMERS and people have handed over thousands and thousands of dollars being taken in by thieves. Save yourself some money and a lot of grief...JUST HANG UP! #justhangup
So if you get a phone call saying you have a warrant and you need to pay, just hang up. Or do what I do and don't answer your phone, ever, at all, not even for people you know. If you need me, you can text me.

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