Halloween is looking a little different this year, but that isn't stopping the Nightmare on Eastbrooke from raising donations for the Tri-State Food Bank.

Each year  Eastbrooke Drive in Evansville, turns into the Nightmare on Eastbrooke. It's a very well done haunted walk through complete with scare actors, lights, and a maniac with a chainsaw! It's a blast, and a really well done home haunt. Each year they do the walkthrough and admission is a non perishable food item which they donate to the Tri-State Food Bank. This year will be  a bit different instead of hosting a walk through haunt, they decided to play it safe and host a drive by haunt.   Nightmare on Easstbrooke this year is a huge light show outside that you can tune into on your radio.  They have several songs and sound effects that the lights are programmed to.  They also have donation bins sitting out, because they're still going to collect donations for the Tri-State Food Bank.


The light show is really well done, I had the chance to drive by last week, it's great!  The show runs Monday-Friday from 7PM-10PM and Saturday and Sunday from 7PM-11PM.  The address is 2813 Eastbrooke Drive, Evansville Indiana. Follow their Nightmare on Eastbrooke Facebook page here.

And you never know who will be outside to greet you when you drive by! In fact last weekend a person in a mask from The Purge was outside to greet people, and so was the famous slasher himself, Michael Myers.

Check out a sneak peek of the light show below:

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