An effort that began early in 2020 has now been put on pause - indefinitely. The Evansville Flag Project sent out a media release announcing that the voting has ended early.

Over 3,300 Evansville residents have already voted for their favorite flag design, which was narrowed down to four. Now, it looks like none of them will be Evansville's flag because the city did not approve of them.

From the press release dated June 15, 2021:

We have been advised by the City that the flag designs produced as a result of the current process created by the Evansville Flag Project are not supported by the City of Evansville and to pause the current process until further notice

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I know that so many people came together to design these flags, and we've featured them on our social media to get your feedback. It seems like people either loved or hated the designs. Here are just some of the comments from our Facebook page:

'It’s amazing to watch the critics come out of the woodwork after the design process has occurred. Where were all of you 2 years ago when they started the research & design process?!? They’ve only been asking for input that entire time." - Jim Miller

Actually, in nearly every comment, the internet agreed that they just didn't like them.

Where does the project stand now? Well, these designs are no longer being voted on. It is possible that more designs could be offered in the future.

The Evansville Flag Project will currently be on pause and for anyone inspired to begin their own journey to create a flag, we are happy to share the vast knowledge base, resources and/or details of our experience and process.

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