Did someone say snow? No? Are you sure? I thought I heard you mention how much you like snow. Oh well, must just be ME. Bring on the snowflakes! I can't wait until we see the first snowflakes of winter 2021 in the Tristate. Bring on the SNOW! I love every single flake.

I realize all of you beach bums are hating on me right now. I can feel your dirty looks. It's like when I mention pumpkin spice and suddenly summer temps come to an end. I know you blame the cold on me and others like me who love the cold and snow.

Winter is so awesome to me that my first wedding was snow and ice-themed. Even though the marriage didn't last, the wedding itself, was gorgeous. It looked like Elsa's Frozen wedding if she ever marries. Basically, Disney-type magical winter decorations were everywhere.

You know when it comes to decorating for the holidays, I prefer to decorate for winter. I use a lot of Christmas trees with just lights and snowmen rather than a lot of Santas. That way I can keep the decorations up longer. If you ask my husband and sister, too long.

So, I'm always looking for winter decor or winter decor craft ideas. I belong to several Christmas, holiday, and winter Facebook groups. They are a great place for inspiration. Like this idea. It's so simple and so beautiful. The best part, I can keep it up until the last snowfall.

Take a look. It's literally just white plastic hangers and Christmas lights. Put them together and they form a large, beautiful winter/Christmas snowflake decoration. My friend, Lyn, is the crafting mastermind who came up with this  DIY craft.

Here are the six simple steps it takes to make one.

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