The Easterseals Rehabilitation Center is asking for your help locating a 24-foot box truck that was stolen from their facility in Mt. Vernon, but that's just the beginning of the story.

The truck was used to serve 45 adult clients Easterseals has in Posey County, but had been out of commission since March 20th, not for any mechanical reason, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, and Indiana's stay-at-home order. So it sat there until Governor Eric Holcomb unveiled his "Back on Track" plan to reopen the state last Friday, which gave Easterseals a timeline of when they could resume those services. With the plan in hand, Vice President Chris Imes at Easterseals Posey County went to the facility on Monday (May 4th) to start getting things ready.

When Chris arrived at the building, there sat the truck, but something seemed off. What that was wasn't specifically mentioned in a press release, but upon further inspection, Chris realized the truck he was looking at wasn't theirs. So, who's was it? And, where did it come from? The plot thickens.

Thanks to surveillance video from a nearby business, Chris was able to see an undisclosed number of thieves enter the property on Saturday night (May 2nd), steal the truck, and replace it with a nearly identical one. But wait, there's more!

The truck left behind had also been stolen from Philpot, Kentucky!

WHAT?!?! Talk about truth being stranger than fiction.

Take a good look at the photos below. If you have any information that could help locate the truck, contact the Posey County Sheriff's Office at 812-838-1320.

[Source: Easterseals Rehabilitation Center]

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