If you've been  on social media at all in the last couple days chances are you've seen the phrase "murder hornets."  While that sounds absolutely terrifying and 100% something that would happen in 2020, there's good news.  You don't really have too much to be worried about.

First off, what is a "murder hornet?"  It's just a scary nickname for an Asian Giant Hornet. While they're definitely menacing looking dudes, the chances of you encountering one in the U.S. is super low, and the chances of you getting stung by one in the U.S. is even lower.  According to the Entomology Collections Manager at the Smithsonian, Floyd Shockley more people die in the U.S. annually from honey bee stings, than globally from these types of hornets. The other good news is entomologists at Washington State University and the Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA) are already working to get this potential invasion under control.

Coyote Peterson of the YouTube channel Brave Wilderness recently made a great video answering 10 of the most commonly asked questions about the "murder hornets."  In his video he covers what exactly these hornets are, what to do if you see one, and why we  shouldn't be too worried.  Check out his video below as it will answer many questions you may have.

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