Doctors are issuing warnings over margarita burns. This is where getting the drink on your skin while out in the sun can actually cause severe burns.

It's summertime, and if you are beachside, poolside, or just hanging out outside in the sun, you might want to sip on an adult beverage or two. Now, my go-to drink is vanilla bourbon and root beer, but my girlfriend is all about making some delicious margaritas. We all know that there are several ways to make a margarita: on the rocks, frozen, strawberry, lime, the list goes on. With all of the various combinations, I think it's safe to say that margaritas are one of the most popular drinks during the summertime.

Beware of Margarita Burns

If you are one of those people who do enjoy a nice cool margarita on the beach, or outside in the sun, there's something you might want to be aware of. There is a risk of something called "margarita burn". No, that isn't the burning sensation you get in your throat when drinking a margarita that's a little too strong. In fact, margarita burn happens when you are out in the sun and spill some of the drink on your skin. If you don't wipe it up, you could get a severe burn on that area.

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According to WTOP, it is known by doctors as phytophotodermatitis. The cause of the burn is actually one of the drink's ingredients. The citrus ingredients in margaritas have a chemical in them that, when mixed with sunlight, could cause severe burns. Dr. Tola Oyesanya, a dermatologist with Kaiser Permanente, tells WTOP:

“There’s a reaction that occurs over 24 hours that can cause redness, burning, irritation, even blisters on the skin.”

How Do You Know If You Have Margarita Burn?

The difference between a margarita burn and a sun rash or sunburn is the pattern the irritation creates. Doctors have noticed more cases of margarita burns recently. They are urging people to make sure they wash their hands after handling citrus in the sun. So, if you have a party foul, and spill your margarita, make sure you immediately wash that area off.

If you do wind up with a margarita burn, a cold compress should help treat it, but if it blisters or itches, you should see your doctor or a dermatologist.

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