Every kid's dream is to have a playhouse of their own.  This dad took "kids playhouse" to the next level!  Ben Norman wanted to build something special for his kids, so he built them their very own "haunted" playhouse.  Let me tell you, this thing looks EPIC! He said it took him about 6 months to build and finish, but that's because he was only casually working on it in his spare time.  He said whenever he found something fitting for the haunted house, he'd get to work setting it up.

Ben Norman
Photo by Ben Norman

I'm in a Halloween group on Facebook, because...well I love Halloween.  When I saw this playhouse I immediately reached out and Ben was so kind to send me a couple photos and a video of the haunted playhouse in action (check that out below).  The house comes complete with it's own creepy graveyard, strobe lights, sound effects, AND it's own creepy little fireplace inside.

Thank you Ben for sharing your haunted playhouse, I think we can all agree that you get coolest spooky dad of the year award! I hope your kiddos have a ton of fun in their new playhouse.

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