I dare you to find a worse ceremonial first pitch in baseball history than the one that happened last night before the Chicago Cubs game.

It was preposterous, insane and worse yet, the pitch was thrown by an actual athlete.

Not an athlete way past their prime either. This one is still competing, and doing it at a very high level.

That means one of two things, either MMA star Conor McGregor is too busy working on ways to destroy his opponent or he has never ever thrown a baseball in his life.

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That was so bad, 50 Cent immediately felt a sense of relief knowing he would no longer be considered as having thrown the worst first pitch in baseball history.

So while McGregor and Fiddy go head to head, let's not forget about some of the most historically bad female first pitches.

That crown can and should be shared by Mariah Carey and Carly Rae Jepsen.

If you're looking to do a top 5 ever, you have to include Olympic gold medal winner and apparent non-baseball player Carl Lewis into the mix.

So there's my top five, but McGregor takes the crown. His throw was so bad, everyone I showed the clip to died laughing. Seriously, they're all dead.

It's not like things got any better for McGregor (or the Cubs for that matter) because after completely whiffing on the first pitch he stuck around to butcher another baseball tradition, the 7th Inning Stretch.

Well, that seals it for me, McGregor either has never heard or played baseball a day in his life and/or really truly hates the Cubs.

Considering how bad they've been since July, I can't blame him.

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