The dream summer job for any little leaguer is going to the dogs. Literally.

The Lake County Dockhounds are a brand new AA minor league baseball team in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin. They do very typical minor league-type stuff, which is another way of saying that they do really fun stuff to promote their games.

They just got done with their 80s Night. Looks like a lot of fun.

They play games on the field in between innings.

And because it's Wisconsin, they had to include to oversized drinking games to entertain the crowd.

But no minor league promotion can put as many butts in the seats than Colt, the Dockhound's official "Bat-dog."

A bat-dog isn't Batman's best friend.

The bat-dog is the canine replacement for the baseball staple, bat-kid.

I didn't even play baseball as a kid and knew I wanted to be a batboy at some level. You get to hang out in the dugout, listen to adults swear, spit, and scratch themselves, all while taking in a baseball game, A.K.A. the best day ever for a 10-year-old child.

Instead of a young child running out to home plate to retrieve discarded bats, the Dockhounds employ Colt, a very energetic Border Collie.


Colt received some more good news over the weekend when it was announced that he will travel to California to perform bat-dog duties for the minor league All-Star Game next week.

Dockhound fans don't need to worry, he'll definitely be back in Wisconsin before long. And even if he takes an extended break, he already has an understudy in the wings waiting to go.

Minor League baseball is a blast and there's plenty of action here in the Stateline. Grab the kids and go have a fun (cheap) day at the ballpark.

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