Major League Baseball took another step in establishing the Field of Dreams game as a major tentpole event of their calendar after the 2022 game between the Cubs and Reds. However, reports are that due to construction at the site, a 2023 game seems unlikely.

Will MLB forego this new tradition or should they be looking at other venues for a nostalgia-fueled experience?

Why Won't Field of Dreams Game Happen in 2023

While it's not yet been officially ruled off the calendar, several media reports say that due to construction 2023 will be a no-go at the Iowa site. It seems unlikely that MLB would give up on a proven winner like Field of Dreams.

Is the draw the nostalgia in general of the movie in particular? Let's argue it's general nostalgia. After all, Field of Dreams is as of this writing - brace yourself -  33 years old. More and more baseball fans will have grown up not having this move being a childhood touchstone.

If it's pure nostalgia. Why not go for an old ballpark? You know Wrigley Field in Chicago and Fenway Park in Boston are the oldest in the major leagues. The 3rd oldest ballpark in professional baseball is not in the majors but rather in Evansville, Indiana: Bosse Field.

Currently the home of the Evansville Otters, the city has certainly thought of the field is a very good fit for Major League Baseball and MLB just might agree.

What Makes Bosse Field in Evansville Special?

Bosse Field is the 3rd oldest field in professional baseball. It was a filming location for A League of Their Own with signs for the Racine Belles still a part of the station's motif.

So if you need nostalgia, check. If you need a movie tie-in, check. Heck, you can even throw in some football heritage. The Evansville Crimson Giants plays two NFL seasons there in the early 1920s.

Check out this walkthru of Bosse Field focusing on the A League of Their Own connection:

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