It's April and baseball is back. Chicago's teams started opening weekend on a great note but they were both overshadowed by fans in a big way.

Rat In Bleachers At Wrigley Field Steals The Show
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I'll be honest, I haven't sat in the bleachers at Wrigley Field in more than 10 years at least. When I did partake in bleacher bum fun there were so many signs to give it up, too much sun mixed with Old Style always led to a long ride home. It seemed like the bleacher sections with the exception of the family area were a little too much crazy for me.

"It's A New Chicago Cubs"

That was what someone said to me moments before writing this article. His point was while it is still a unique Wrigley experience it's not as wild as "back in the day." One thing is still the same though, it's the Chicago Cubs fans' passion. They have their own category of fandom whether or not it's a packed crowd.

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It might not be for the length of an entire game but baseball fans at Wrigley Field have been known to steal the spotlight at times. Maybe it's out-singing whoever is leading the 7th inning stretch, the wave, chanting player names, or even the undeniable awesomeness that is the beer (cup) snake.

A Beer Snake?

The beer (cup) snake is where fans stack empty beer cups to create a "snake", which has been a thing since at least 2017.

Since then this has been a no-no per the Chicago Cubs organization. There was even fallout between the Cubs and Barstool Chicago, who made shirts mocking security for taking the cups. The team says it's due to fan and staff safety. Despite their efforts, the beer snake still makes appearances from time to time.


In 2021, a super long beer snake was estimated to be $30,000 worth of beer. What you're about to see absolutely surpasses that total.

(Note: the "record" was several feet from the bottom of the center-field scoreboard.)

@abs_davis When the cup snake reaches the scoreboard #imonicarly #chicago #barstoolsports #chicagocubs #cubsbaseball ♬ original sound - Abbie Davis

This is quite incredible and most than likely didn't bring joy to the Wrigley Field staff of had to handle the situation.

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