If you've ever wondered what happens inside the tall building next to the Downtown YMCA, let me tell you, a lot goes on there! It's home to United Caring Services, providing values-based, low-barrier, sustainable, and high-quality homeless shelter, services, and solutions.

United Caring Services Kitchen Photo: Liberty
United Caring Services Kitchen Photo: Liberty

The first floor is home to the Day Shelter, which provides a warm place for anyone to use. Shower and laundry facilities are available for individuals that need them. If someone needs an address to receive mail, that service is available, too. The Day Shelter assists 150 people daily.

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United Caring Services Night Shelter Photo: Liberty
United Caring Services Night Shelter Photo: Liberty

What Does 'White Flag' Mean?

In addition to the daily services UCS provides, they also offer the White Flag program. The staff and volunteers pay close attention to the weather forecast every week, and if the temperature is going to fall below freezing (32 degrees) for three nights in a row, the White Flag program is activated. That means anyone - Women, men, and children are welcome to enter the shelter overnight.

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Coldest Night of the Year 2023

February 25 may or may not be the actual coldest night of the year, but this is the name of the winter fundraiser for United Caring Services. Teams raise money for UCS, and awareness about the programs offered to our area's homeless population. This does involve a walk (Not a run) but there are other ways to get involved too.

  •  Create a Team to walk with you and raise money for United Caring Services
  •  Join a team that is already created
  •  Cheer on a team from home by generously donating on the website

Team Shafer and Friends

Team Spreading Kindness with Sophie
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