When it comes to kids artwork, I think we can agree that every bit of it is precious. But, what can we do with it that goes beyond putting it in a keepsake box or frame? I found a way keep it that might be the best thing ever.

I love this idea so much. Maybe it's because I have two kids and a granddaughter that are artists, or maybe it's just because I like creative, simple, meaningful gifts the best. All I know is, when you can give a personal gift that is a reflection of not only the cute little artist but a special time that you can never get back, it's priceless. There are many websites that can turn your child's artwork into clothing, jewelry, home decor, garden decor, basically what ever your imagination can come up with.

A friend on FB, posted this proud pic of a gift he recently received. 

Now, the only problem I can for see is having to narrow down which pieces of art to choose. I literally have a tub full of drawing for each of my kids and my granddaughter.

Right now, I think I'l go with the latest drawings that Norah sent to me.

The Bird Nest


Mammy and Papa's House - Complete with all three of us (Mammy, Norah, Papa), all of our pets, rocks, the garage, sky, sun and flowers.


Ursula from 'The Little Mermaid'

Artist: Norah June
Artist: Norah June

Find the website that will help you turn your art or your child's art into clothing, HERE!!

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