Tracy Crump has published more than fifty devotions, two dozen anthology stories, (including 20 in Chicken Soup for the Soul), and numerous articles in national magazines such as Focus on the Family, Mature Living, and Ideals. She co-founded Write Life Workshops and conducts workshops and webinars that encourage others to “Write Better, Write Now!”

Tracy was a columnist for Southern Writers Magazine for more than 4 years. She serves as registrar for the Mid-South Christian Writers Conference and is currently a freelance editor and a proofreader for Farmers’ Almanac.

I met Tracy a few years ago at the Mid-South Christian Writers Conference. She was so helpful and i felt so encouraged about my own writing. She is even helping edit my next book. I wanted our listeners to hear from Tracy on what it takes to become a published author and how to get started write now!

During our radio interview, Tracy talks about her background in the nursing profession and how this led her to writing for Chicken Soup for the Soul.

She conducts Write Life Workshops to help aspiring authors improve their writing skills and to help them get published. Tracy has presented workshops at Kentucky Christian Writers Conferences , Mid-South Christian Writers Conferences, the Southeast Christian Writers Conference, and American Christian Writers Conference-Memphis.

Here is a link to Tracy's website if you are interested in having her conduct a writers workshop in your area or you are curious about writing.

To hear more about how to get started as a writer or some tips on writing, listen this Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 8AM CST on 99.1FM, WOMI Owensboro 1490 AM, or WGBF Evansville 1280 AM.





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