Lisa Miller-Rich lives in Nashville and is an ordained Pastor, Writer, Blogger and Speaker. She has recently written a book called, “218 Ways to Own Joy” An Interactive Journey through all Bible Verses Containing Joy.

She sent me a copy of her book and I LOVE it! Her book is a guided tour through the Bible. She shares every scripture verse that contains the word, "Joy." Lisa shares in her book the key to understanding the many voices of joy and learning to listen for them. She writes, "Joy sometimes sounds like a roaring belly laugh; other times, it's in the simple, quiet heartbeat of God assuring you, "I'm here."

God has 218 of these joy-aha moments waiting for you in the pages of Lisa's book! Through a combination of journaling and engaging observations by Lisa, you'll explore all 218 places in the Bible where the word "joy" occurs. By the end of this book you will know how to tap into God-given joy that may have proven elusive through other means.

Whether you have studied the Bible for years or you're new to the journey, get ready for joy to be yours.

You can connect with Lisa Miller-Rich on Facebook and order a copy of her book directly from her or find it on



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