You gotta do something to deal with the Chicago Bears, might as well light yourself on fire.

Ok, I am totally kidding. I didn't light myself on fire on purpose.

And it was mostly smoke, not fire.

But I did burn my jacket.... which isn't my jacket. It's my sister-in-law's jacket. It really did happen though. Let me explain.

Every year, for the last 18 years, my brother has been going to a Chicago Bears game. Almost every year something 'exciting' happens.

For example in 2007, at Bears Tailgate X, his friend got sent to Bears jail and the RV they were driving died at the bar.

In 2012, the Bears went into overtime with the Seahawks (and lost obviously) and we nicknamed our bus 'Bear Force One.'

In 2015, we med Kris Bryant in the tailgate lot and in 2018, the Beats actually did win against the Rams and their defense was amazing.

At least according to my brothers' notes.

This was my 9th tailgate of the 18 and weather wise it was somewhere in the middle, cold and rainy but bearable (get it... BEAR able), but the weather wasn't the standout piece of the day, it was me setting my sister-in-law's jacket on fire.

You see, I drove from Rockford to Schaumburg and met my brother there and he drove me to Volo with plans to go to Chicago, then to Elmhurst and back to Schaumburg.

It should almost go without saying that I forgot something... a warm coat.

I almost bought one at Menards but you know I gave up shopping for a year so I instead borrowed my sister-in-law's coat. Here she is wearing it in 2018.


Before we left, I noticed a few rips and thought, oh good, I can't ruin this, it has some rips.

Then I stood too close to the fire and to quote my brother, 'you look like a bunny. You have a cottontail.'


Thankfully this was Erin's old coat and she laughed at the situation, but I did earn the 'exciting' notation... the year Michelle burned Erin's coat.

Til next year, Bears.

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