Remember that scene in the original Jurrasic Park where the velociraptor learns how to open the door and they sneak into the kitchen to eat the children? Think that's Hollywood BS? Well, let me tell you a little story.

My husband's biggest pet peeve is when someone leaves a door open and the A/C is on. He can't stand being hot or wasting money. I am guilty, my child is really guilty, and our Akita Kodi is also guilty of this. Yes, my dog can open doors. Crazy, huh?! But recently, our door continued to find its way open and my child, dog, and I were NOT the guilty parties! (Though we were BLAMED.)

My friend Erin's cat escaping...

Last night, while sitting down and watching TV, we heard a slight noise coming from the front door. Then, it creeped open and in trotted... none other than... our teenage cat! Peyton Meownning (great name, huh) has been opening the front door and letting himself in and out!. He hangs on the lever until it clicks and then shoves it open or puts his paw under and pulls it.

Now, I have not one, but two animals that open my doors! And apparently, Peyton isn't alone. I posted this to Facebook last night and a few of my friends commented that their cats do the same thing. I guess pets are smarter than we realize. Now, let's see if I can get my cat to shut the door behind him... ha.

Meet Peyton Meownning - Ashleys