A new burger and pizza restaurant is slated to take over the former Old Chicago building on Evansville's East Side.

According to Evansville 411 News, Bubba's 33 is expected to open up in the location that once was Old Chicago in front of the east side Walmart.

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Bubba's 33 serves up hand crafted burgers and pizza, among other items. It's brought to you by the creators of Texas Roadhouse, actually. According to the Bubba's 33 website,

We make everything in-house from scratch, right down to the sauces on our wings and dressings on our salads. No kidding. Our patties are cooked medium well and served hot and juicy on a toasted bun.

We went to school to learn how to build the perfect pizza. (And we have the certificate to prove it.) Even our ribeyes are a rare find: hand-cut, marinated, seasoned, seared and char-grilled to perfection.

When all the other guys are feeding you frozen meals prepped in a warehouse miles away, we're whipping up something fresh and delicious the whole family will enjoy.

They also offer up a full service bar as well. I spent a little time looking through the menu, and I must say that it looks pretty delicious! There are several types of burgers to choose from, delicious wings with house made sauce, and of course a unique variety of made from scratch pizzas.

Evansville 411 News says that Bubba's 33 is scheduled to open in the building later this year after renovations.

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