Now this event brings together two of my favorite things, beer, and roller coasters.  Indiana on Tap is a way for beer enthusiasts in Indiana to  have a connection to craft breweries and their beers.  Indiana on Tap also helps share and get the word out about upcoming craft beer festivals and events. The latest one they shared, may just be the most unique beer fest I've heard of yet!

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Indiana on Tap took to their Facebook page to share the event Hops and Coaster Drops.  The event will take place at Indiana Beach and combines basically the two most fun things, roller coasters, and craft beer, wine, and spirit fests. The event will take place on September 11th from 2-6PM.  Throughout the amusement park they will have stations from all different breweries, distilleries, and wineries, set up so you can stop and get samples in between your rides.   They expect over 50 vendors throughout the park.  Indiana Beach will also be closed that day so it will only be open to those attending Hops & Coaster Drops.   They also say this event is the first known craft beer, wine & spirits festival to take place in a major Amusement Park.  If you're interested, tickets are $50 and on sale now, and you can purchase them here.

I've never been to a beer festival quite this elaborate, but now it's on my to-do list! If you've never been to a beer festival, they are so much fun.  Even if you aren't a big beer drinker, there's so many brews to sample, there's a chance you'll find something you like! One of my favorite beer fests is SWIRCA's BrewFest which takes place in Evansville at Bosse Field each year.  It's a huge fundraiser for SWIRCA, and it's always a blast.


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