Driving into work this morning I had a thought hit me right in the face.  I think a lot of us are starting to struggle from what I’m dubbing as streaming fatigue.  What do I mean by this?  Well, in my humble opinion I think there are starting to be way too many options when it comes to streaming services.  Basically, it’s content overload and we all could use a break.

What sparked this thought was that I was listening to a conversation where the topic of commercials on streaming services came up.  The gist was that there are starting to be way too many commercials on different services.  Something else that was discussed was the fact that you have all these different movies and shows to watch and a lot of them aren’t very good at all.  The things you’d actually like to watch never seem to be on the platforms.

This is when I asked myself a question that I will now ask you; how often do you end up spending more time trying to find something to watch versus actually watching a show or movie?  Is it a lot?  Don’t worry you are not alone.  I’ve had numerous conversations with different people who feel the exact same way.  We sit there on the couch jumping from Netflix to Hulu, to Amazon Prime, and then back to Netflix just to end up watching The Office for the millionth time.

Now it seems as though every major production company has its own streaming service.  Which in turn takes things off of other platforms and forces you to subscribe to another one.  All for the sake of killing a couple of hours when you get home from work at night.  Ahhh my brain hurts.

So, where do we go from here?  Unfortunately, I don’t really have an answer.  The main reason I brought his up in the first place was to merely state an observation.  We have gotten so used to having hours upon hours of entertainment at our fingertips that it seems we are starting to get lost in it.  Because Heaven forbid, we are not in the loop on the latest “new” show who' premise we have seen a million times already.

I should probably end this random tirade by saying that I have nothing against streaming services at all.  Trust me, no one loves watching the same movies over and over as I do.  However, I do think that it’s good to acknowledge the fact that we are developing a need to be constantly entertained.  Sometimes it’s okay to have nothing on.  The one-eyed monster in the living room can wait a few hours while you go out for a walk or enjoy a nice dinner where you and the family actually talk to one another.  Who knows, you’ll probably end up enjoying those things more anyway.

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