Halloween is so close, I can almost see it. That's because all of the stores have all of their Halloween decorations out. I have to admit, I have some of my Halloween decorations out too. Can't wait until I don't have to hide them while I'm sneaking out to out them in various places around the house.

My husband thinks that you should only have Halloween decorations out during October. Just like he complains that I put the Christmas tree up right after Halloween and don't take it done the day after Christmas. What's wrong with only taking the decorations off and leaving the tree up until March as a winter tree? You're right, nothing. His holiday decorating rules and times lines are hogwash.

If I could reasonably celebrate Halloween for at least six months out of the year, without the neighbors and passersby think I'm more insane than they already know I am, I would. I actually have a co-worker that keeps her house decorated, year-round, for Halloween. But, she is quite a bit more stable than me, so people are o with it.

Since my husband loves to scare people, I feel like if I got one of these, he would be ok with my early Halloween decorating.

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I saw this on social media, and although it's not a new Halloween decoration, I hadn't seen it, s it's new to me. And, maybe new to you too.

Here is how it's described on the website.

It resembled a tree with a menacing face. When activated, it lunged forward, as the mouth moved to eerie phrases. As this occurred, the eyes glowed green.

The moment you get too close, the tree comes alive, and you see its glowing green eyes as it tries to snatch you with its branches. Create the perfect haunted forest with this animatronic, and it’s sure to cause a fright!

Take a look at how it comes to life.

If you want one, or two, (insert evil laugh) you can order and get more details, HERE.

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