Today, (Feb. 64 began ourAnnual St Jude Radiothon. For the next two days, we will share stories of love, bravery, victory and heartbreak. All children deserve a chance to live a full life. Please help those children and their families, affected by childhood Cancers, fight this hideous disease.

St. Jude does so much for their patients. Things you probably don't even know about. Below is an incredible story of love. A love that was found by two teenagers facing the fight of their lives. Both had been diagnosed with cancer and had traveled to Memphis, TN, to St. Jude, for treatment.

The love story between Luis and MacKendree is so beautiful. It will fill your heart with love and your soul with all that is good.


I know, I'm crying too. The story of Luis and MacKendree moved my soul  The thought that these two young people were brought together by their cancer is simply incredible. They never would have met otherwise. The lived in different countries and separate worlds.

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The idea that they were destined to meet is a beautiful thought. The support they gave to each other in their most painful moments and the friendship that turned into a romantic love is amazing. Even with the loss of Luis and the fact that MacKendree wouldn't change a thing, even the cancer, is awe inspiring.

Plase give to St. Jude by becoming a partner Partner in Hope call 1-800-372-4999. Or, text JUDE to 626262

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