Grab the family to go on a "Jurassic Quest" to see live-sized dinosaurs in Nashville this November.

Nashville Superspeedway will be host to a drive-thru dinosaur exhibit called "Jurassic Quest". While there, you will see 70 life sized moving and roaring dinosaurs including a T-Rex and the 50 - foot - long Megalodon! This thing looks awesome. What kid (or kid at heart) wouldn't want to see these massive beasts? Plus, this might be your only chance to drive on a NASCAR track, if you're a fan of the sport.

As you drive through this interactive drive thru experience, you can listen to an online audio tour that will take you throughout the exhibit. Plus, dino doctor that will be available via text for all of your prehistoric questions you might have about the dinosaurs.

This is Jurassic Quest’s first drive-thru edition, featuring some of the largest & most realistic dinosaurs in North America. Nashville is just a short drive from the Tri-State, so this will give you and the family a fun, socially distant thing to do. Jurassic Quest will be at Nashville Superspeedway on November 13 - 22. Tickets are on sale now and are good for entry at any time during your time slot. According to their Facebook post, timeslots and hours vary by day.

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The only way to purchase tickets is advanced online. Since the event begins in a couple of days, you might want to go ahead and purchase your tickets now before they sell out. For more information, and to purchase tickets, you can CLICK HERE!

You can take a sneak peak of what you can expect at this drive-thru dinosaur experience below.

A Drive Thru Dinosaur Exhibit Coming To Nashville Superspeedway

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