Guns & Hoses 13 was set to take place this Saturday (April 13th, 2020) at the Ford Center. Then the coronavirus pandemic made its way to the Tri-State and changed that plan. The new date, by the way, is Saturday, August 22nd (still at the Ford Center). However, there will be boxing to watch Saturday night as 911 Gives Hope will host a "virtual" Guns & Hoses on their Facebook page.

These won't be live fights, because, you know, social distancing and all. Instead the non-profit will be posting videos of some of the best fights over the past 12 events throughout the night. Which fights those will be, and how many they'll post is being kept under wraps to provide a little element of surprise. I don't even know, and I'm the ring announcer!

They certainly have plenty of great fights to choose from considering each of the past 12 events have averaged roughly 15 fights. If I were a bettin' man, I would say there's a good chance you'll see at least one fight featuring Rob "Butterbean" Ralph, one with Willie "The Crusher" Curry, along other crowd favorites that have made multiple appearances inside the Guns & Hoses ring.

Whichever ones they choose, I have no doubt each will be wildly entertaining to watch. So grab a drink and jump on the 911 Gives Hope Facebook page starting at 7:00 p.m. Saturday to enjoy the show.

And if you don't have tickets for the new date, get them at If you bought tickets for the original date, they will be honored at the new date.

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