I think we can all agree that 2020 was unlike any other year. It seemed like the year would never end. There was so much pain, sadness, fear, and anxiety. The pandemic brought us to our knees and made us find strength inside ourselves that we need knew we had.

You have to admit, that until last year, we had never been faced with the difficulties, on this type of global scale, in modern times. Yes, we have had our share of personal tragedies and setbacks, but the global pandemic, in a terrifying and extraordinary way, brought us together.

We had social media to help us learn, smile, grieve and move forward, together. I admit there were times that social media brought us down, but I always chose to focus on the good it brought to me. I missed being with my family and seeing my granddaughter so much, FaceTime is what kept me from crying every day.

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I guess, in many ways, we were lucky to live through such a time. These are really the best of times. There have been so many times throughout history that have brought the world pain. One of those was the year 536 A.D. That year is considered by scientists to be the worst year ever.

536 A.D. Was The Worst Year Ever

I can't imagine how horrifying life was for people during this time in history. It makes you appreciate the time we are living in now, doesn't it?


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