I should warn you, this topic will ruffle some feathers. (Sorry, the pun actually fits here) The question of what to do about the flocks of Canada geese in the city limits of Evansville is quite a hot-button topic. Some people say you should just let them be, but if you've ever been chased or nipped by a goose, you probably have a different opinion. If you own a business and the geese are leaving droppings everywhere or laying eggs, it can become a safety issue for your customers.

I know that there a lot of Canada geese hanging out on the Eastside. Wait - Did you think they were Canadian, too? Trust me, it's Canada, I spoke with an expert. So, the geese are growing their flock around Eastland Mall, Meijer, Schnuck's, and Premier Tan. My husband Doug is terrified of them, and they usually exchange the evil eye.

I noticed quite the conversation in my Facebook feed that I'm now calling #goosegate. A friend witnessed two men destroy a full nest of eggs that a mother goose was sitting on. This nest was on a business property and was causing a concern for customers. I'm not familiar with the Department of Natural Resources and the laws concerning geese and their eggs, so I consulted an expert in the field.

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All Canada goose nest and egg destruction activities require a permit through the US Fish and Wildlife Service. The free registration form is available HERE.

Jessica Merkling is an Urban Wildlife Biologist with the Indiana Department of Natural Resources Division of Fish & Wildlife, and she was able to answer all of my #goosegate questions.

Answers to #goosegate

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