The month of March is no doubt a tougher one than all the others for the family of Logan Brown. The Reitz High School student died on March 14th, 2015 when the car he was riding in with friends was struck by a car being driven by then-38-year-old Michael Gann on University Parkway just south of USI on Evansville's west side. Gann's blood-alcohol level was four times Indiana's legal limit of 0.08%.

But, as we often see in times of tragedy, those impacted by it the most, in this case, Logan's family, particularly his parents, use the pain they're experiencing to make a positive impact on their community. For Logan's family, that meant taking an active role in getting impaired drivers off the streets by keeping them from getting on them in the first place. Led by Logan's father, Charles Brown, the mission of Logan's Promise is to share the reverberating effects drunk driving has not only on the victim, but their family, friends, and surrounding community by sharing Logan's story.

2022 Logan's Promise Online Auction

Beyond sharing Logan's story and the impacts of impaired driving, the organization has also taken a hands-on role in keeping impaired drivers off the streets by periodically offering free rides home through their Safe Ride Program. Available to residents of Vanderburgh, Warrick, Posey, and Gibson Counties a few times each year, the program teams with Lyft to cover the cost of rides home for those residents who had a little too much fun during a night out with friends through the use of specially-created promo codes. They also offer scholarships to area high school students who make the promise to not drink and drive.

Of course, it takes money to make both of those things possible. In an effort to raise the funds they need, Logan's Promise is hosting a "Bid It to Win It" online auction through their Facebook page until March 19th.

Logan's Promise "Bid It to Win It" Online Auction Items

The auction features a wide variety of items with more being added on a regular basis. Currently, it includes the following items:

St. Louis Cardinals vs. Chicago Cubs Tickets

Chicago Cubs v St Louis Cardinals
Getty Images

Description: 4 tickets - Sunday, September 4, 2022 Cardinals vs. Cubs at Busch Stadium. Section 265 Row 9 Seats 9, 10, 11, & 12. Value: $232.00.

Get Well Gift Basket

logan's promise auction
Logan's Promise via Facebook

Description: Also called the "Feel Like S**t Kit" (LOL), this gift basket contains sanitizer, mineral muscle relief bath salts, Advil PM, Halls, soup, sprite, juice, Dayquil, socks, and so much more. This basket is valued at $50.

Pamper Your Pet Gift Basket

logan's promise online auction
Logan's Promise via Facebook

Description: A royalty CROWN bed with snacks, water bottle, p**p bags with a carrying case, jerky treats, dental bone, toys, hair roller, shampoo, and wipes. We also added a little puppy for some company. Value: $60

2nd Amendment Metal Art

Logan's Promise via Facebook
Logan's Promise via Facebook

Description: This piece is absolutely stunning. The quality of work that DynaFab does is top quality. Bid on the 24" x 40" x 20ga Clear Coated Steel piece before it's gone. Thank you DynaFab for always donating to LP and keeping our roads safe. Value: $225

Cooking Lover Gift Pack

logan's promise online auction
Logan's Promise via Facebook

Description: For the one who loves to cook. This package contains an Electric Skillet, Pioneer Woman glass bowls, and a beautiful basket of kitchen goodies. Bid on all these items as one price. Value: $90.

How to Bid

To try and score any one, or all, of these items, visit the Bid It to Win It event on the Logan's Promise Facebook page and simply comment with your bid on whichever item you're interested in. At the conclusion of the auction on March 19th, the person with the top bid on each item will be the winner of that item. Good luck!

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