This drug house in Wisconsin "had" it all! KYM

The Wisconsin man was known as a "nationwide supplier." Serving California, to Maryland and everywhere in between. This guy APPEARED to have everything covered, and hidden...or did he?

amazed shocked man listening gossip a secret in the ear

Kamaal Owen was busted, in a big way! What they found in his house is INCREDIBLE. Let's start with the weapons first:

  • 13 rifles
  • 2 shotguns
  • 3 pistols

What about dough?

  • $200,000 in cash spread throughout the property

What about the drugs?

1080 pounds of processed and packaged marijuana

  • A quarter of an ounce of cocaine
  • MDMA powder
  • MDMA pills
  • Psilocybin mushrooms
1. Take the Red Pill

Here's the BEST PART of the whole situation. Dude dug a tunnel from a kids bedroom, out of his house to a HIDDEN SAFE! This is some serious Dateline, 20/20 stuff here! Dude has a tunnel in his kids room that leads to a safe. Why do I love this so much? Oh, and where's the kid?

Treasure chest reveals a luminous secret

If was argues that Mr. Owen should not be allowed to post bail and go BACK HOME:

 “Home to where no condition or set of conditions would prevent him from reestablishing himself as a supplier of drugs to another drug trafficking organization and amassing large sums of money that would assist him if he decided to flee.” 


Owen was in fact released on a $1.5 million bond. I'm guessing he had no problem paying that...out of his coat pocket.

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