It's certainly not uncommon, but still uplifting when you can witness young kids being given something that many of us cherished from our childhood. It's a Midwest brother and sister learning that they now have the puppy they always wanted.

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Their mom shared the backstory about how and why this moment happened on the video share on Rumble:

When we moved into our first home after apartment living. We were able to surprise the children with their own family dog. Loki is a brindle boxer puppy. Silas (son) was able to comfort Zoey (sister) who was crying.

Based on the video description, this happened in Clearwater, Minnesota.

I have to confess that I never get tired of innocent moments like this. I grew up with a family dog who was an older toy terrier. When she passed away, my parents arranged for us to get a miniature schnauzer puppy. I believe I was in maybe 6th or 7th grade by then, but it remains one of my clearest and best childhood memories.

Anyone who has lived in an apartment or any rental that doesn't allow pets can identify with the joy these kids are obviously experiencing. Never get enough of this.

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