Never underestimate a Midwestern thunderstorm when it comes to lighting up the sky with large bolts of electricity. That's exactly what happened recently as an impressive lightning display was captured in slow motion thanks to a fancy phone camera.

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It's important to note that I'm not trying to sell iPhones. Apple is doing fine without my help. However, they can be quite useful when it comes to taking pics of lightning especially in slow motion. Here's how one person described their capture of a crazy storm that happened over their head:

I was by the window watching the sky during a thunderstorm on August 3, 2022, at my house in Saint Paul, Minnesota. I decided to pick up my iPhone 13 Pro and record a slow-mo, and a crazy and giant anvil crawler got in my view!! I tried to follow it to the right side (you can see it in the video), but what happened was it went shooting back to the left and hit the ground when going back before vanishing. This was astonishingly huge and went across all the parts of the sky I could see. I'm grateful to be alive to see this.

Anvil crawler lightning is impressive to see in action.

Storm Highway offers a pretty decent definition about what anvil crawler lightning is and how it happens. They note that due to its slow movement, it's often easier for someone on the ground to see and photograph. They also said this can happen independently or part of a cloud-to-ground discharge. I'm not sure exactly what that means, but it sounds scary.

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