Many in Chicago woke up to an unpleasant surprise recently as a thunderstorm dropped huge rain amounts which resulted in massive flooding as new video shares show.

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One of many videos shared after thunderstorms hit Chicago this past weekend included this one. It was captured the morning of Sunday, September 11, 2022 with the following backstory by the woman who shared the video:

The video was taken on the morning of September 11th, 2022. There was a huge rain storm hitting the north side of Chicago hard. I opened up my back door to see that the entire back entrance was flooded, above my ankles deep. The video ends moments before the water started rushing into my apartment.

NOTE: some slightly NSFW language due to the fact that the woman is realizing she's likely gonna be talking to her insurance agent soon.

She wasn't alone in her flooding misery. CBS Chicago also shared water events that hit the north side of the city.

When it rains hard enough that you have geysers shooting up from the streets, you've had a serious thunderstorm rain event. The storm also resulted in some cars being underwater as this video shows.

Thanks again, 2022. I believe at this point we've had enough drama.

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