When concert venues open back up things are going to be a lot different. But, I guess It's better than not going to concerts at all, right? Whatever we have to do to protect ourselves an others when we go to see our favorite artists, we would be willing to do, right?

So, we know we can expect temperature checks, maybe a short symptoms questionnaire, face masks and fewer tickets sold to provide for social distancing, but a disinfecting misting station? Yep, promoters and venues are looking at setting up walk through stations at the doors.

I'm not sure people will be comfortable with this protective measure. People complain about having to wear face masks already, can you imagine how concert goers will feel about being misted at the door.

In the future, I can see these stations being the norm, not only at concerts, but at grocery store and restaurants too. It's actually seems like a good solution to a problem of killing germs when we are gathered in large groups.

Take a look and see what you think.

After watching this video and thinking about how COVID-19 is transmitted, I'm not sure how this protects us from someone coughing or touching things that we might touch. There are still so many unknowns. But, my philosophy has always been to be better safe than sorry. So, spray me down, twice if you want to. Heck, douce me three times.

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