Ever wanted to be the person to catch a glimpse Bigfoot himself (or herself)?  Now is your chance!

Did you know that there is a Kentucky Bigfoot Research Organization?  It turns out there is, and they are dedicated to researching the mysterious Sasquatch.  In October they're hosting an expedition where you can go and join them in one of the Kentucky's most well known area for Bigfoot activity. The expedition takes place October 1-3 at a "prime Bigfoot hot spot" in Western Kentucky.

You will participate on a three day, three night camping trip in one of THE MOST ACTIVE LOCATIONS in Kentucky! We’ve had four Class A, visual sightings, on the last three expeditions!!! Also, a ton of return tree knocks, whoops, whistles, howls, trees pushed over, bluff charges, tents approached and touched…amazing interactions!!!

This fantacstic event is ideal for both experienced and novice Bigfoot researchers.  We will educate the beginners and share research techniques with the veterans.  Well-organized hikes will be coordinated each evening and day hikes will also take place.  The trails range from easy to moderate.  Some locations we will drive to and sit at a graveyard, or some people will stay at basecamp by the fire (we’ve had many interactions and visual sighting at basecamp)!

Each evening we will gather around the fire pit to share information, tell stories, and go over the protocol for the night investigation.  A guest speaker (TBA) will give an informative presentation on a Bigfoot  topic.  Afterwards we will deploy multiple teams to various hot spots.  Teams will have one or more experienced researchers as leaders.  Teams may switch up on the second evening.  Some trails are short, some long, and a team will remain at base camp (depends on your comfort level).  Red headlamps, two-way radios, thermals, night vision and recorder will be utilized.  Sorry, no flash lights on the night hikes!


This event is for the serious Bigfoot enthusiast and NOT for the faint of heart!

Never searched for Bigfoot before?  Just getting into searching for the mysterious hairy dude?  No worries, whether you're a most skilled Bigfoot researcher or just starting out, everyone can enjoy this expedition.

The cost is $100 and that includes your campsite, dinners, and breaksfasts which honestly $100 for a weekend of researching North America's most prolific cryptid sounds like a steal. If you're interested, you can sign up here.

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