Located in Attica Indiana there's a historic house called the McDonald Home (not to be confused with the burger slinging clown).  According to the Historic McDonald Airbnb's website, the house was built in 1855 by James D. McDonald.  He was an enterprising landowner, farmer, and businessman.  He has quite the legacy which you can read all about, here.

But we're here for the creepy stuff!  The Historic McDonald Airbnb is no stranger to hauntings and paranormal activity. One look at their Facebook page and you'll see this place is full of haunted stories.   They've had several paranormal investigations, and even recently found a super creepy image of something strange in a window. Seriously it's creepy check it out!

So are you interested in staying the night?  Well according to the Airbnb posting the house sleeps 16+ so you and 15 friends could enjoy a creepy overnight stay.  However if the full house stay is out of your budget, you could always look into just renting  a single room.  They do room rentals as well.  The whole house will cost you $750 per night, which sounds like a lot but when I broke it down, that's roughly $46/person if you have 16 staying.  The rates for single rooms are cheaper as they run between $60-$100 per night.

Sooo want to see inside?  Check out the photos below!

See Inside the Haunted Historic McDonald Airbnb

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