The World's Largest Food Truck Rally will finally make its debut in Indiana, after nearly a decade of this event traveling around the country.

Unique food trucks from around the country will be gathering in Indiana on September 26th and 27th for The World's Largest Food Truck Rally. This event currently holds a Guinness Book of World Record for the longest parade of food trucks. It usually plays hosts to around 150-200 food trucks of all kinds. I am 100% all about this. I mean, you can find some of the best food ever at food trucks!

However, it's stop in the Hoosier state will be a little different due to the pandemic. According to Visit Hendricks County, This year's event will include about 75 vendors with 60-70 of those being food trucks. There will also be live professional wrestling at the event as well...which is right up my alley.

According to the Facebook Event Page, this is the current list of food trucks that will be at the World's Largest Food Truck Rally. They are still adding more to this list, so it is subject to change.

  • Pierogie Love Indy
  • Twisted Tacos (Missouri)
  • Wicked Good Cupcakes
  • Maui Wowi Coffee & Smoothies
  • The Wicked Lobstah (Ohio)
  • Chicky Chicky Waffle (Ohio)
  • Sweet Tooth Ice Cream Trucks (Ohio)
  • Hogback Bbq Pit (Ohio)
  • Karma Kitchen
  • Cupzilla Korean BBQ (Ohio)
  • Motor City Sweet Treats (Michigan)
  • Camzie's Pizza (Michigan)
  • Grumpy Gringo Food Truck
  • Pork Paradise
  • Lazy Man's BBQ (Michigan)
  • Burgers STL (Missouri)
  • Wild Boar BBQ
  • Laughing Crab Catering (Maryland)
  • The Snowball Experience (Maryland)
  • Rolling Asian Delight
  • Yumii Kettle Corn Co. (Ohio)
  • The Guac Box
  • Egg Roll Joe's
  • Hungry Boy's Mexican Food (Iowa)
  • Cookies & Cream (Michigan)
  • Shakedown Eats
  • Great Lakes Food Truck (Michigan)
  • Philly T's Cheesesteak & Po'Boys (Florida)
  • Taste of N'awlns (Ohio)
  • Rockstar Lobster (Florida)
  • The Urban Artisan
  • ChefTLC
  • Lazy J's Kettle Corn
  • Aw'sum Snoballs
  • Toy Buzz & Fizz
  • Ice Box Brand Ice Cream Bars (Michigan)
  • Las Tortugas Food Truck
  • A Taste of Home Catering
  • Kona Ice South Indy
  • Ben's Soft Pretzels
  • Nacho Mama's Food Truck
  • Jon Jon's BBQ & Catering (Ohio)
  • Gorilla Gurt Toledo (Ohio)
  • Cookie Dough Monsters (Michigan)
  • Fo' Cheezy Food Truck (Florida)
  • Bacon Me Krazy (Missouri)
  • On The Roll (Michigan)
  • Lazy Sundaes
  • Java House Cold Brew Coffee
  • Not Totally Nuts
  • J's Lobster Truck
  • Simply Divine Cupcakes
  • Bennett Concessions
  • Oh My Spud
  • Chef Dan's
  • Blended Juice & Smoothie Bar
  • Empanadas And More
  • The Bull Grill
  • The Wylietruck

As you can see, that's quite the list of food trucks. Let's be honest, there's no way that you will be able to try them all. My suggestion is to look up these food trucks in advance and plan out which ones you would like to visit. Since you can't eat everything, you can even bring a cooler to take some food home.

The World's Largest Food Tuck Rally will be held at Waterman's Family Farm in Indianapolis. For more information about this event, you can check out the event page here.

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